Editorial Policies

Manuscripts submitted by scholars must ensure originality, and there is no improper academic misconduct including plagiarism, manuscript washing, and duplicate submissions. Scholars must have read the journal policies clearly before submitting manuscripts, and the manuscripts provided meet the requirements set out in the journal Author Guidelines. Scholars, editors, and reviewers must abide by publication ethics, and all personnel involved in the process from submission to publication are not allowed to disclose any information related to personal privacy or personal information, as well as the content of the article.

MCB strictly abides by the Ethical Oversight Policy of COPE, all the unethical possibility will not be push forward to the next stage. Rigorous editorial process ensures the objective decision. MCB also suspects the ethical problem, consent for medical case reports and research issues specific to social science disciplines followed by COPE. Submissions referring to the animal researches should follow the international norms and academic value of this discipline, and provide the granting committee or approval identifiers, e.g. the reference numbers. If necessary, Editorial Office will check the reality with granting committee for the authenticity. Authors should explain the reasons if without any ethics approval information. Submissions referring to the human researches, the Informed Content Statement is needed.