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Circilar Economy and Food Resources


Melia Famiola
Circular Economy, Circular Agriculture, Food Security
Submission deadline: 2024-11-27
Dr. Xi Wang,Muhammad Imran,Prof. Huru,Dragos,,Dr. Sourav Diwania
–Sustainable Economic Growth –Environmental Economics –Poverty Alleviation –Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship –Natural Resource Management –Innovation and Technology for Sustainability –Green Marketing and Sustainable Branding –Green Finance and Investment –Sustainable Business Models
Submission deadline: 2024-11-07
Dr. Alam Asadov
Regional Economy, Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Circular Economy, Regional Development, Economic Advantage, Economic Integration, Resource Economics, Urban Economics, Rural Economics.
Submission deadline: 2024-11-02
Ekom Etim Akpan, Dr. Arsalan Tanveer,Prof. Grigorescu,Adriana,Dr Bishnu Pada Bose
Human Resources; Sustainable Economy; Green Human Resource Management; Organizational Sustainability; Green Economy; Human Resource Flexibility; Brain Drain/Brain Gain; Climate Change; Inequality; and Resource Scarcity.
Submission deadline: 2024-10-27
Chen Yang, Prof. Chandana N,Dr. Dharmendra Hariyani
Green Supply Chain Management; Technological Innovation;Sustainable Development; Green Economics;Sustainable resource utilization;Circular economy;Supply chains;Low carbon emissions.
Submission deadline: 2024-10-09
Alexandru TUGUI,Prof. Ibikunle,FrancisA.
Artificial Intelligence; Circular economy automation; Business Sustainability; Machine Learning; Deep Learning; Industry 4.0; Industry 5.0; Smart resource management, AI-driven sustainable growth, Green tech innovation.
Submission deadline: 2024-10-07
Dr. Wafa Ghardallou,Prof.Pawlowski Lucjan,Dr. Azka Amin,Prof. Law,SiongHook
Low-carbon economy; environmental sustainability ; carbon emissions ; energy; low carbon energy technologies; Sustainable social development; green finance; green economy
Submission deadline: 2024-09-27
Prof.Khan AqibMashood ,Dr. Inayatullah Jan,Prof. Dutta Sachinandan,Prof. Ren,Siyu,Prof. Moridi,Ali,Prof. Yin,Shi
Sustainable development;Green technologies;Eco-friendly business practices;Environmental stewardship;Economic sustainability;Policy frameworks;Ecological preservation;Renewable resources;Environmental economics;Circular economy
Submission deadline: 2024-09-07